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Entry #1

Hi guys!

2014-03-12 18:27:40 by pistolstudios


I don't think I ever properly introduced myself. So here goes!

I am really passionate about animation. I do frame by frame animation with toon boom studio, and flash! I sadly have to use an ipad for right now, but I plan on doing an indiegogo or kickstarter so I can get a cintiq. I joined newgrounds because it seems to have an awesome community. I'll try to post something awesome, but in the mean time, think of cats dancing around with party hats and 3d goggles on.



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2014-03-12 18:49:16

Hi there, citizen of NG. I am Remorph, the tantamount when it comes to musical creations.

pistolstudios responds:

You got some great music! My cartoon is futuristic and your electronic music would fit perfect in my animation! I'll contact you when I want to use it, if you let me. Oh, and nice to meet you.